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Characteristics And Application Cases Of Rfid Technology

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RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification, that is, radio frequency identification. It is often called inductive electronic chip or proximity card, inductive card, contactless card, electronic label, electronic bar code, etc.

Characteristics of RFID Technology

1. Pollution resistance and durability

Passive RFID tags have strong resistance to oil, water, chemicals and other substances. Even if there is dust, oil stain on the tag or in the harsh external environment, it will not affect the reading and writing of the tag. RFID stores data in the chip, so there is no need to worry about chip falling off, damage and other problems, so the service life of RFID tags is relatively long

2. Large data storage capacity

The capacity of one-dimensional bar code is 50bytes, the maximum capacity of two-dimensional bar code can store 2-3000 characters, and the maximum capacity of RFID is several megabytes. With the development of memory carrier, the data capacity also has the trend of expanding. In the future, the amount of data carried by items will be larger and larger, and the demand for the capacity that volume labels can expand will also increase accordingly

3. Security

RFID carries electronic information, and its data can be protected by password, so that its content is not easy to be forged and changed

4. Reusable

RFID tags are electronic data, which can be repeatedly added, modified and deleted. The data stored in the RFID volume tag is convenient for information updating. Therefore, the recycled RFID tags can be reused

5. Small size and diversified shape

RFID is not limited by size and shape in reading, and it does not need to match the fixed size and printing quality of paper for reading accuracy. In addition, RFID tags can be miniaturized and diversified to apply to different products.

6. Penetrating, barrier free reading

RFID has the advantages of more correct identification and more flexible identification distance. It can recognize a single specific thing, penetrate obstacles in the recognition process, and realize barrier free reading.

Application fields of RFID

1: Highway toll; Highway toll collection is one of the most successful RFID application, which fully reflects the advantages of non-contact identification. When vehicles pass through the toll station, they successfully pay the toll, solving the bottleneck problem of traffic congestion, improving vehicle speed, avoiding congestion, and improving the efficiency of toll settlement

2: Theft prevention in libraries and bookstores; When entering the library, books will be pasted with RFID tags, and anti-theft safety doors will be installed at the entrance and exit. When the books are not borrowed, the anti-theft system will send an audible and visual alarm, which solves the problem of book theft

3: Logistics; Applying RFID technology to goods management can effectively solve the information management related to goods flow in the warehouse, monitor goods information, understand the inventory situation in real time, automatically identify goods and determine the location of goods

4: Animal tracking and management; RFID technology can identify livestock, detect animal health status and other important information, and can also establish breeding files, vaccination files, etc., providing effective and reliable technical means for the modern management of farms

5: In the retail industry, the application of RFID technology makes tens of thousands of commodity types, prices, places of origin, batches, shelves, inventory, sales and other links managed in an orderly manner.

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