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What is meant by baud rate?

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What is meant by baud rate? Last Post By : kiter peter
Nima Total Posts on mepits: 13
Posted On 17-Apr-2015 14:11
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Baud rate is the term commonly used in serial communication. It is defined as the rate at which data transfer occurs in bits per second.

Babu Total Posts on mepits: 15
Posted On 17-Apr-2015 15:33
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Which are the commonly used baudrate?

Arunpremji Total Posts on mepits: 14
Posted On 17-Apr-2015 15:45
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The baud rate of a data communications system is the number of symbols per second transferred. A symbol may have more than two states, so it may represent more than one binary bit (a binary bit always represents exactly two states). Therefore the baud rate may not equal the bit rate, especially in the case of recent modems, which can have (for example) up to nine bits per symbol.

NAJEEB Total Posts on mepits: 2
Posted On 17-Apr-2015 16:06
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What is the symbol means?? is it a byte or what??

BASIL Total Posts on mepits: 12
Posted On 17-Apr-2015 16:11
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Mr. Najeeb Note the example below:

A Bell 212A modem uses Phase Shift Keying (PSK) modulation, and each symbol has one of four phase shifts (of 0(deg), 90(deg), 180(deg), or 270(deg)). Since it requires two bits to represent four states (00, 01, 10, and 11), the modem transmits 1,200 bits/s of information, using a symbol rate of 600 baud.

Usually the baud rate of a modem will not equal the bit rate and is of no interest to the end user--only the data rate, in bits per second, is.

Therefore in referring to the data rate of a modem, use bits/s (or kbits/s, etc.), not baud rate.

SUJITH Total Posts on mepits: 10
Posted On 26-Apr-2016 14:57
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coca Total Posts on mepits: 67
Posted On 04-May-2021 08:18
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Posted On 04-Mar-2022 09:50
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greek Total Posts on mepits: 1
Posted On 14-Mar-2022 16:34
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maya Total Posts on mepits: 1
Posted On 04-Jul-2022 10:17
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data transfer rate is the average number of bits (bitrates), characters or symbols (baudrates) or blocks of data per unit time traveling over a communication link in a data transmission system. Common data rate units are multiples of bits per second (bit/s) and bytes per second (B/s). I also like the speed of run 3

moore Total Posts on mepits: 6
Posted On 14-Jul-2022 14:29
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Jean Total Posts on mepits: 1
Posted On 21-Jul-2022 02:38
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Posted On 11-Aug-2022 14:08
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eon Total Posts on mepits: 1
Posted On 05-Nov-2022 12:02
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The total number of signal units transmitted in one second is referred to as the Baud rate. The bit rate is the total number of bits transmitted in one unit of time. The total number of times the overall state of a given signal changes/alters is indicated by the baud rate. The bit rate is the total number of bits that travel per second.

Lisnis Total Posts on mepits: 4
Posted On 13-Dec-2022 07:15
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Posted On 13-Feb-2023 13:07
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