from Mepits Infotech Pvt Ltd is a one stop dream destination for passionate Engineers. It unites Engineers from around the world under one roof. Mepits have designed it’s services to initiate and support  “Industrial Development” .

Mepits starts its journey with engineers by providing Tech Knowledge through Tutorials uploaded in the site. From the basics to Advance Technology, the tutorials are made available free for all users. Mepits also creates opportunities for Experts to share their knowledge by uploading tutorials on the site.
 Engineers can view Online Projects on various fields of Technology and also upload their own projects and get it reviewed by experts.
Mepits have incorporated a Query Clarification Forum in the site ,where engineers can get their queries clarified by experts.

Virtual Market

Virtual Industrial Market is an online market which has virtual representation of Industries. Engineers can find raw materials & services to develop their Products from the Virtual Market in the site. This Virtual hub for Raw materials, has top Industries from around the world. Users can interact & send their requirements to the industries of their choice through the site.

Online Store

Users can purchase components online through the component store in the site. Mepits also promotes Industries to sell their products through the store.


Industries whether established or start-ups have the opportunity to sign up with Mepits & be a part of Virtual Market. Industries can showcase their products, interact with other industries, carry out sale, reach out to customers in minimum time and enhance their growth.


Mepits combines organizations & industries to unite under one roof. Organizations like engineering colleges & institutions can keep in touch with latest technologies and get updated with industrial changes so as to mould their students into professionals. 


The social networking platform connects Job seekers and industries. Engineers can search for Job opportunities based on their area of interest. Industries can recruit engineers based on their profile.


Having the base in India, the social networking platform supports “Make in India” campaign and targets to initiate Industrial development in India.