What are Organizations.?

Organisations such as engineering colleges, technical research centres etc. can register by providing their details. Organisation page is similar to normal user page in many aspects, in addition to that, there are some unique features offered on this page. An organisation page can only be created by an official representative of the organisation.

Our aim is to collaborate all the technical organisations so that the users will know about different courses offered by different organisations located at different parts of the world. The organisations can communicate and share their ideas and collaborate with others for enhancing their technical strength. They can publish details related to different programs such as technical fest conducted by them and it will reach the students and other organisations through this website. They can publish latest innovations, profiles of bright students, rank holders etc. They can post ads related to the availability of seats, courses offered etc. Apart from students faculties can also involve in discussions and share technical knowledge, clear doubts, publish tutorials etc. Register your organisation to keep track of ideas and innovations of other organisations and to publish the recent updates related to your organisation.