Force Sensor 38.1mm

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The force sensing resistor detects force or the pressure applied. This sensor is basically a passive component which causes a decrease in resistance when an increased force is applied. Two pins come from the bottom part of the sensor which has a 0.1” pitch. At the other end of the sensing area, the FSR mounts a peel and stick rubber. Resistance of the sensor changes according to the pressure applied. Force sensors are considered to be simple, good for sensing pressure but the disadvantage is that it is not accurate. When pressure applied to the sensor is null, the sensor resistance will become large than 1Mohm. 


Square, 1.75×1.5″, sensing area.
• Actuation Force as low as 0.1N.
• Sense force in the range 100g-10kg.
• Sensitivity range to 10N.
• Thin: 0.45mm., Nominal thickness: 0.54 mm
• Overall width: 1.75″, Overall length: 3.5″.
• Robust: up to 10M actuations.
• 38.1mm x 38.1mm Active Area: .


Life Time > 10 million actuations
• Pressure Sensitivity Range < 1.5 psi ~ >150 psi
• Stand-Off Resistance  > 1MΩ
• Force Sensitivity Range  < 100 g ~ > 10 kg
• Device Rise Time 1 – 2 msec


Alarm systems
• Drum pads for electronic instruments
• Robotic appendages
• Touch user interface
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