HC-SR04 40KHz Ultrasonic Transmitter Reciever Module

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Human ear hears sound frequency of 20Hz-20KHZ. Ultrasonic is the sound wave beyond 20 KHz. Ultrasonic ranging module HC - SR04 provides 2cm - 400cm non-contact measurement function, the ranging accuracy can reach to 3mm. The modules includes ultrasonic transmitters, receiver and control circuit. 

Pin out


  • VCC-----------5V
  • GND-----------GROUND
  • TRIG----------TRIGGER
  • ECHO----------Echo back the sound signal.


  • 5V power supply.
  • Operating Voltage DC-5V.
  • Measuring Angle 15 Degree.
  • Farthest Range 4m.
  • Trig Trigger pin Echo Receive pin GND Power ground.
  • Operating Frequency 40KHZ.
  • Nearest Range 2cm.
  • Operating Current 15mA.
  • Output Echo Signal Output TTL level signal, proportional with range.
  • Input Trigger Signal 10us TTL pulse.
  • Dimensions 45*20*15mm.
  • Stable performance
  • Accurate distance measurement
  • High-density
  • Small blind


  • Working Voltage : 5 V DC
  • Working Current : 15mA
  • Working Frequency : 40Hz
  • Max Range : 4m
  • Min Range : 2cm
  • Measuring Angle : 15 degree
  • Trigger Input Signal : 10uS TTL pulse 

Operating Principle

ultrasonic principle

Initially, the ECHO PIN and TRIG PIN are set low. After that, a 10us pulse is transmitted to the TRIG PIN and then waits till the ECHO PORT captures the rising edge output. At this time itself a timer will start timing.

Now, next the falling edge output is captured by the echo port. At this time read the counter time. The time will be the ultrasonic running time in the air.

Based on the equation:

Test distance = (high level time * ultrasonic spreading velocity in air) / 2, the distance of the obstacle is being calculated.

Ultrasonic Application

  • Ultrasound imaging;
  • Ultrasonic machining, such as  drilling, polishing;
  • Ultrasonic measurement of depth , distance, and thickness;
  • Ultrasonic testing;
  • Ultrasonic cleaning;
  • Ultrasonic welding;
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