Air Pressure Sensor MPX 10

15 January 2014 User Review

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MPX10DP is silicon Pressure Sensor. The MPX10 series silicon piezo-resistive pressure sensor provides linear output voltage proportional to the pressure applied. It is made up of a single element strain gauge. Output voltage at the gauge sensor will increases with increasing pressure applied on pressure port compared to the vacuum port. Similarly the output voltage of the sensor increases as increasing vacuum is applied to vacuum port compared to pressure port. 



  • Pressure Type: Differential Sensitivity
  • Operating Pressure Min: 0kPa
  • Operating Pressure Max: 0-10kPa
  • Minimum Supply Voltage: 3V
  • Maximum Supply Voltage: 6V
  • No. of Pins: 4Pins
  • Operating Temperature Min: -40°C
  • Operating Temperature Max: 125°C


  • Medical
  • Robotics
  • Sensing & Instrumentation
  • Automation & Process Control
  • Industrial


  • Low Cost
  • Patented Silicon Shear Stress Strain Gauge Design
  • Differential and Gauge Options
  • Ratiometric to Supply Voltage
  • Available in rails or tape-in-reel Shipping Options
User Review (1)

atulsohan   cochin,Kerala

Any Chance of getting a MPX100 series pressure transducer? need to measure abt 1 bar and the max over will be abt 1.2 so ,,,,,,,,,,,

Reply  Report Abuse   22 July,2015 06:07
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