RFID Reader Module, EM-18

15 January 2014 User Review

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EM-18 RFID reader module uses a RFID reader that can read 125 KHz tags. So, it can be called as a low frequency RFID reader. It gives out a serial output and has a range of about 8-12 cm. There is a built-in antenna and it can be connected to the PC with the help of RS232.  



• Low cost.
• Low power.
• Form factor being small.
• Usability is easy.
• Direct interfacing with UART, PC is possible using RS232.
• Serial and TTL output.
• Excellent read performance without an external circuit.
• Two RFID cards. 
• Cost-effective and compact size.


• Read distance 10cm
• Current <50mA
• Operating frequency 125khz
• Parameter Value
• Operating Voltage 5v 


EM18 module radiates out 125 KHz through the coils. When a 125 KHz RFID passive tag is bought to the field module will get energized from the field.  By the change in modulation current through the coils, the tag will be sending the information back to the program memory array. 

Typical Applications 

• e-Payment 
• e-Toll Road Pricing
• e-Ticketing for Events 
• e-Ticketing for Public Transport
• PC Access
• Access Control 
• Printer / Production Equipment
• Authentication
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