GSM Modem SIM 300

15 January 2014 User Review

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This is a GSM modem which has a serial interface and plug and play facility.  The modem can be used to send SMS, receive and make the calls, and do the basic GSM operations with the help of AT commands.  A standard RS232 interface is used so that we can use it to interface with microcontrollers and PCs.  It has power regulation, SIM holder and external antennas. 


•    Uses SIM300 GSM module transmission.
•    Operating Voltage: 7 – 15V AC or DC (board has onboard rectifier.
•    Comes with an onboard wire antenna for better reception.
•    Can be used for Data/Fax, GSM based Voice communications, TCP/IP stack, GPRS and SMS
•    SIM300 allows an adjustable serial baud rate from 1200 to 115200 bps (9600 default).
•    Provides RS232 interface for connection to computers and other devices.
•    Lithium Battery holder 
•    Can add external antenna with SMA connectors.
•    Power, RING and Network LEDs for easy debugging.
•    Provides serial TTL interface for easy and direct interface to microcontrollers.
•    Can be controlled through standard AT commands.


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