DVD Motor with Pulley

15 January 2014 User Review

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A unipolar stepper motor has one winding with center tap per phase. Each section of windings is switched on for each direction of magnetic field. Since in this arrangement a magnetic pole can be reversed without switching the direction of current, the commutation circuit can be made very simple for each winding.


  • Voltage Rating: 6V


  • Low cost for control achieved.
  • High torque at startup and low speeds.
  • Ruggedness.
  • Simplicity of construction.
  • Can operate in an open loop control system.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Less likely to stall or slip.
  • Will work in any environment.


  • DIY projects.
  • Robotics projects.
  • Arduino projects.
  • Raspberry-Pi projects.
  • Electrical/Electronic projects
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