2A SPST ON OFF Rocker Switch

22 April 2015 User Review

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Rocker switches are popular among gadgets like computer printers, UPS, SMPS etc. Used solely for the purpose of shifting device operation from ON to OFF, rocker switches can be engaged or disengaged with a small force. Rocker switches are available in various types and sizes depending on the power requirements of the device they are used in. They often come with a light source mounted beneath the actuator to indicate the ON state.
Named on their motion like a rocker chair or a cradle, rocker switches present an interesting structure and internal assembly.Let’s find out the internal intricacies that enable the operation of the switch.
Rocker switches consist of stationary contact, movable contacts, springs and other mechanical parts to operate. When the switch is pressed from ON to OFF or vice versa, the spring movement tilts the movable contact to establish connection with the output contact. It is the movement of the actuator and the movable contact pin that have motion like a rocker or a cradle.

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