Load Cell CZL 601 80KG

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 Load cell is a transducer that converts pressure /force applied to an electrical signal. The most common application of this sensor is in weighing machines. Every weighing machine which shows weight makes use of load cell as sensing element. The electrical signal output from load cell is typically in the order of a few millivolts range. The output signal must be amplified using an instrumentation amplifier. 

Working of load cell is based on the concept of Wheatstone bridge. Each load cell consists of four strain gauges that are connected into a Wheatstone bridge formation as shown .

Wheatstone bridge is basically two potential dividers connected in parallel. SG1 and SG2 form one of the potential divider circuits. SG3 and SG4 form the other divider circuit. Output voltage of the load cell is taken from the midpoint of the potential divider circuits. When strain is applied to the bridge, gauge measures the strain as an electrical signal, because the strain changes the electrical resistance of the wire.


  • Mainly Used for Table Top Machines
  • Bench Scale
  • Electronic Counting Scales
  • Price Computing Scale


                Material                                          : Aluminum alloy

                Rated load                                     : 80KG

                Comprehensive error                     : 0,03% F.S.

                Rated output                                  : 2±0.02mV/V

                Repeatability                                  : 0.01% Full scale

                  Zero Balance                                  : +/- 1% Full scale

                Excitation Voltage                            : 9~12V 

                 Safe Load                                        : 120% of Rated Capacity

                Ultimate Load                                  : 150% of Rated Capacity


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