12V 30RPM Johnson Motor

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The Johnsons DC Gear motor offers custom engineering solutions based on a wide range of low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor platforms. The low voltage DC platform provides power density and compact packaging options.

The Johnson Geared motor is famous for its compact size and massive torque. A torque as much as x3 as compared to center shaft or side shaft geared motor, with an affordable price tag. The motor comes with a metal gearbox and off centered shaft , also shaft has a metal bushing for wear resistance. Apart from robotic application they are also used in industrial applications, vending system, hygiene and cleaning industry, and household electric appliance.


  • RPM - 30 Shaft
  • Diameter - 6mm (with internal hole) 
  • Shaft Length - 15 mm
  • Dimensions : Gearbox diameter - 37mmMotor Diameter - 28.5 mm
  • Length (body only) - 63mm, Weight - 300 gms
  • Torque - 25 kgcm
  • Voltage - 6 to 24 (Nominal Voltage - 12v)
  • No-load current = 800 mA(Max)
  • Load current = 9 A(Max)

Features :

Rotations per minute: 30 rpm with gear box.
Output torque range: 5kg-cm to 7kg-cm.
No-load current = 800 ma(max).
Load current = upto 9.5 a(max).

Application :

This types of Johnson’s gear motors are normally used in robotics purposes.

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