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IR Remote control is a combination of Infrared transmitter and Infrared receiver which contains 8 relays, which can be controlled wireless. This makes the unit very easy to operate and integrate with existing systems. The remote control operates the corresponding relay on the receiver board, i.e. Light 1 operates relay 1, Light 2 operates relay 2, etc. Relay contact can control any equipment in momentary mode (On till key pressed) or Latch Mode (Toggle on each key press). Each relay has indicator LED showing current status.

The transmitter uses a modulated 40 kHz carrier to transmit data about which button is pressed. This method is used in all IR remote controls as it offers a high degree of noise immunity against interfering light sources. At the receiver end the IR receiver module extracts the data signal from the carrier. This active HIGH output is used to operate a relay via transistor.


  • Burglar alarm system

  • Smoke and fire alarm system

  • Garage door controllers

  • Car door controllers

  • Car alarm system

  • Security system

  • Cordless telephones

  • Other remote control systems


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