16 English Tone Doorbell

25 February 2016 User Review

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First impression of your home to any visitor is the doorbell. As a DIY Electronics project, 16 English Tone Doorbells has many excellent features like reliability, low cost hardware, simplicity, pleasing doorbell sound etc. Building this doorbell as a DIY Electronics musical device will be very attractive and interesting to all students. This DIY Electronics project finds great applications in homes and in many institutions.

Working of 16 English Tone Doorbells - DIY Electronics Project:

Main components of this DIY Electronics project are resistors, capacitors, a PNP transistor, a diode, speaker, HL-06 IC, supply and PCB. HL-06 as a Music IC is used in this DIY Electronics project. It is a low cost voice and melody synthesizer. This IC will drive the speaker; to output 16 different English tone. When AC supply is received through the trigger input of the circuit, PNP transistor present will trigger the IC. Resistor R4 and diode D1 is used to protect the trigger circuit from the negative trigger. Transistor is biased by resistor R3 and filtered through capacitors C2 and C3 to provide clear trigger. Upon receiving the trigger, IC will drive the speaker to produce different tones. Low power supply is only required for this DIY Electronics project. PCB and the soldering technique used must be ensured to be of good quality for the better operation of the circuit. This DIY Electronics kit can be experimented by all DIY Electronics fans and electronic lovers. Doorbell sound of this circuit is better in all aspects.

Electronic Components: 

16 English tone doorbell


  • R1: 330K ¼ watt
  • R2: 3.3K ½ watt
  • R3: 10K ¼ watt
  • R4: 22K ¼ watt



  • T1: BC557
  • D1: 1N4007
  • IC1: HL-06


16 English Tone DoorBells is a good project that can be experimented by all DIY project fans and electronics hobbyists.

PCB design of 16 tone doorbell

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