Simple Electronics DIY Bird Bell

25 February 2016 User Review

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Bird Bell is a simple electronics DIY project that can be easily implemented by all electronics hobbyist. As a main feature, it produces birds like chirping sound. For residential uses, the simple electronics DIY project - Bird bell is really effective thereby it can replace your old bell. All students and DIY project fans can experiment this bird bell, as it is simple and attractive.

Working of Simple Electronics DIY Bird Bell:

This Simple electronics project consists of an oscillator which is super imposed by the charging and discharging of C4, through Q1 and R1. It works on a 230V AC, so it is good to be used as a calling bell at home. This DIY project is cost effective and consumes only less power. Since simple components are only required for its design, it can be easily implemented at home.

Reliability and better functionality of the DIY project depends upon the quality of soldering and PCB design. Since large number of components are present, careful design and soldering is recommended. The main components like oscillator and transistor must be given proper connections to avoid further damages.  Compared to other doorbell designs, Bird bell provides better lasting time. Loudspeaker used in the circuit must be good to ensure hearing with better quality ad pleasing sound.

Electronic Components:

Bird bell electronics kit


  • R1: 1K
  • R2: 68K
  • R3: 1K
  • R4: 1.5K


  • C1: 0.1µF
  • C2: 0.1µF
  • C3: 33µF/16V
  • C4: 470µF/10V


  • Q1: BEL 187
  • D1: IN 4002
  • D2: LED


  • X1: Black Transformer
  • X2: Red Transformer
  • SPK.: 8ohm/5W


  • Useful as doorbell at homes.
  • Good to use in toys as a musical device.

Bird Bell is a DIY project that can be implemented by all students and project lovers easily at home. Only care that must be given is to the soldering part.

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