Heat Sensor with Cooling Fan

26 February 2016 User Review

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Heat Sensor with Fan Cooling is a simple DIY electronics project which is very useful to control the temperature with the help of the fan. This low cost simple DIY project uses cheap electronic components and can be used in automated control cooling. The project kit proves to be useful and interesting for students as a mini project and also for electronics hobbyist.

Working of Heat Sensor with Fan Cooling Kit:

This simple DIY electronics project uses an operational amplifier, a Zener diode, a simple p-n junction diode, a sensor, resistors, capacitors, a PNP transistor, a fan, power supply, a PCB board and a potentiometer as its components. The principle behind this simple electronics project is that when temperature increases to a certain level, set by the preset in the circuit, fan will start to reduce the temperature. Heart of this kit is 741 operational amplifier and IN 4148 p-n diode.

Heat sensor DIY electronics project

In the working of the circuit, 741 will act as a voltage comparator and IN 4148 will sense the change in temperature. This sensor is connected across the non-inverting and inverting terminals of 741. When heat increases diode will produce change in voltage. This will be amplified by the op-amp 741 and switches on the transistor in the circuit to start the fan. Here the resistor R1 in the circuit is used to limit the current and the voltage to the reference. At the same time resistor R4 helps to keep the output in range. The sensitivity of the diode and the temperature at which the fan switches ON is controlled by the potentiometer. This simple DIY electronics project uses a power supply of 12V DC and is found to be efficient.

Electronic Components:


  • R1 : 100K
  • R2 : 1K
  • R3 : 10K
  • R4 : 100K
  • R5 : 220 ohms
  • R6 : 1K
  • VR1 : 100K


  • C1 : 10mF/16V


  • Z1 : 10V/400mw
  • D1 : IN 4148
  • D2 : IN 4001
  • T1 : BD 140
  • 12V Fan 1Pc.
  • 8 Pin IC base 1Pc.
  • IC1 741 1Pc.
  • PCB 


  • Heat Sensor with Fan Cooling kit is used for automated control cooling in embedded systems.
  • Heat Sensor with Fan Cooling kit can be used widely in an amplifier and automobiles.

Heat Sensor with Fan Cooling kit is a simple DIY electronics project that can be implemented and demonstrated as a mini project by students with ease.

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