IR Remote Control Switch

26 February 2016 User Review

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Infra red remote control switch, DIY electronics project can control an electrical or electronic load wirelessly using a remote. The DIY electronics  project is really helpful for the elder people and mobility impaired persons. The good performance, simple operation and better reliability are the advantages of the DIY electronics project. Students and all DIY electronics project fans can experiment this project, as all the components used here are easily available.

Working of Infra Red Remote Control Switch:

The DIY electronics  project consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Transmitter can be powered using a 9V battery. Use a 12V adapter for receiver. Transmitter emits modulated IR signal. Receiving unit activates the relay connected to the electronic load upon sensing Infra Red signal. After powering both transmitter and receiver show the IR LED of transmitter towards photo diode of receiver. Then by pressing the switch in transmitter, relay gets activated. Press again to deactivate the relay.

The range of this remote control is up to 20 feet. The 12V adapter can be implemented using a simple bridge rectifier, step down transformer and filter capacitor. The DIY electronics  project suggests a good quality PCB board and a straight forward soldering technique. Since large number of discrete components are present, try to place the components (like resistors, capacitor) vertically. This method will help to keep the PCB small in size. While soldering the IR LED, photodiode and simple LED’s, take out a careful approach such that damage can be avoided.

Ir remote control switch

Applications of Infra Red Remote Control Switch DIY Electronics Project :

  • This DIY electronics project can be used for switch ON or OFF the TV, radio, washing machine and any electronic appliances.
  • By using the relative relays, this DIY electronics project can even switch ON or switch OFF the motor appliances also.
  • Used to control toys.

Infra Red Remote Control Switch, a simple DIY electrinics project can be implemented and developed by all the electronics beginners and DIY hobbyists.

IR remote controll

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