Liquid Level Sensor

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Liquid level sensor DIY Electronics projectLiquid level sensor DIY electronics project can be used to make a simple electronics circuit for many applications. This DIY electronics project kit contains all the necessary electronic components to make the circuit along with the PCB. Place all the components in the PCB and solder it properly.

Working of Liquid Level Sensor DIY electronics project kit:  

In most of the liquid level sensors, metal electrodes are used to sense the level of water. This has a drawback of electrolytic reaction between the liquid and the sensor. Due to corrosion of metal electrodes its conductivity reduces. This DIY electronics project will help in solving this drawback. Here AC potential is used between sensor electrodes. Constant reversal of electrode polarity inhibits the electrolytic process. The circuit around N1 forms an oscillator. If sensors are immersed in liquid, C4 will charge via coupling capacitors C2, C3 and the diodes. So after a short time output of N2 will be low and the relay is pulled in. Relay can be used to start a pump. So this DIY electronics project is an efficient liquid level sensor.

Liquid Level Sensor DIY electronics project

Electronic Components:


  • R1 : 470K
  • R2 : 10M


  • C1,C2,C3,C4 : 2.2nF


  • T1 : BC157
  • D1,D2,D3 : 1N4148
  • IC1 : 4093


  • Relay : 12V

Liquid level sensor diy electronics project

Liquid Level Sensor Kit

Applications of Liquid Level Sensor:

  • This DIY electronics project can be used to turn OFF pump automatically when water in tank reaches a certain limit.
  • This project kit can be used to sound an alarm if any liquid in any tank reaches a maximum limit.
  • This project have many industrial applications such as to monitor any liquid or liquid chemical level.

This DIY electronics project can be used as a simple mini project for students. It is very simple to assemble this kit.

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