Metal Detector Kit

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This electronics project circuit will detect medium sized metallic objects. A copper coil is used to sense the metal. Sensing coil is a part of tuned weak colpitts oscillator in the circuit. So coil will produce some magnetic field. When the coil is placed near to the metallic object, it will cancel magnetic energy and oscillator will stop working. This will make the final transistor near to the buzzer conducting and activates the buzzer. Assemble given electronics components on to the PCB provided. After fixing all the components solder it firmly to the board and give 9V supply from the battery.

metal detector electronics project kit

Electronic Components:


  • R1,R4 : 56K Resistor
  • R2 : 3.3K Resistor
  • R3 : 22K Resistor
  • R5 : 2.7K Resistor
  • R6 : 2.2K Resistor
  • R7, R9 : 680 ohm Resistor
  • R8 : 15K Resistor
  • P1 : 3386 Trim. 5K


  • C1, C6 : 0.1uF(104)100Kpf
  • C2 : 0.001uF(102)1Kpf
  • C3 : 220 pf
  • C4 : 270 pf
  • C5 : 12 Kpf/100V
  • C7 : 100 / 25V


  • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 : BC547 PH
  • D1,D2,D3,D4 : 1N4148


  • LED 1 : Red LED 5mm
  • Coil 1 : Metal Detector CoiL
  • Buzzer : VK27 CT (S)
  • Supply : 9V Battery Snapper
  • PCB

Applications of Metal Detector:

  • Can be used for screen everyone entering your home, office or any other place
  • Can be used as a hobby electronics project
  • Can be used to detect your lost jewelry piece
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