Traffic Light Control

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This traffic light electronics project kit can be used for educating school children about traffic rules. The kit will help children to grasp these rules very easily.

Working of Traffic Light Control Kit:

In this DIY electronics project kit three LEDs red, yellow and green colors are used to show the traffic signals. Circuit uses two IC’s; I.C 555 and I.C 4017.  I.C 555 is used to design a mono stable multivibrator with low frequency. The square wave pulse generated by multivibrator is fed to the 14th PIN of I.C CD 4017, which is designed as a counter. If the relay of green or red light remains ON for four minutes, the relay of yellow light remains ON for one minute.

Precautions while assembling this DIY electronics project:

  • Take Care of the polarity of the transistors while soldering.
  • Use IC Base for mounting IC.
  • They relay should be of good quality.
  • Be Careful about the polarity of capacitors and diodes while soldering.
  • Avoid short circuit while soldering. Clean the space in between the prints properly.
  • Check all the components as per the circuit.

traffic light control diy electronics project    pcb-of-traffic light control diy electronics project

Traffic Light Control DIY Electronics Kit

Electronic Components:


  • R1: 10K Resistor
  • P1: 100K POT 16mm


  • C1: 100mF/ 16V Capacitor


  • IC1: 4017 IC
  • IC2: 555 IC
  • Q1,Q2,Q3: BC 548
  • D1 to D9: 1N4007


  • IC Base 8Pin: 1
  • IC Base 16Pin: 1
  • Relay 12V/1CO: 3

Applications of Traffic light control electronics project kit:

  • This electronics project can be used as a traffic light controller
  • This DIY electronics kit Can be used to teach children about traffic rules
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