Servo Motor Small V0006

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Servo refers to an error sensing feedback control which is used to correct the performance of a system. Servo or RC Servo Motors are DC motors equipped with a servo mechanism for precise control of angular position. The RC servo motors usually have a rotation limit from 90° to 180°. Some servos also have rotation limit of 360° or more. But servos do not rotate continually. Their rotation is restricted in between the fixed angles.

The Servo motors are used for precision positioning. They are used in robotic arms and legs, sensor scanners and in RC toys like RC helicopter, airplanes and cars.


  • Operating Voltage    :   4.8-6.0V
  • PWM Input Range    :   Pulse Cycle 20±2ms, Positive Pulse 1~2ms
  • STD Direction          :  Counter Clockwise / Pulse Traveling 1500 to 1900µsec
  • Stall Torque              :  0.8 kg (11  oz/in) at 4.8V,  1  oz/in) at 6V   
  • Operating Speed      :   0.14 sec/ 60° at 4.8V,  0.16 sec/ 60° at 6V at no load
  • Weight                       :   9 g (0.2  oz)
  • Size                           :   22*12.5*20*26.6
  • Plug Available          :   FUT, JR
  • Special Feature        :  Heavy Duty Plastic Gears, Economy Servo
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