IR Remote Control On/Off Switch

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IR Remote Control is a Simple elctronics DIY project kit in which by using any TV remote control, we can operate this remote control receiving unit. 

Working of IR Remote Control Simple Electronics DIY Project Kit:

Generally, a TV remote can emit infra-red signals having a frequency of 36 KHz.  This Simple Electronics DIY project can sense the infra-red signals from the TV remote and thereby it can switch ON/ OFF the relay connected at the output. When the power supply is given to the circuit, first direct the TV remote to the IR sensor present in the circuit. By pressing any of the buttons of the TV remote control, we can switch ON the relay connected at the output. To switch OFF the relay, press the TV remote control button again.

The range of operation in this DIY project is about 35 feet. The power supply given is about 12V for proper operation.Less power consumption, easy handling and simplicity are the main advantages of this DIY project.

Electronic Components:

Resistors                 IR Remote Control ON/OFF Switch

  • R1,R2: 1K
  • R3: 10K
  • R4,R6,R11: 100K
  • R5: 150K
  • R7: 220K
  • R8: 47Ω
  • R9: 5.6K
  • R10: 18K


  • C1,C6,C10: 100µF/25V
  • C2: 1µF/50V
  • C3,C4,C7: 0.1Kpf(104) 100Kpf
  • C5: 0.22Kpf(224) 220Kpf
  • C8: 2.2µF/50V
  • C9: 0.01Kpf (103) 10Kpf


  • IC1: CD4027
  • IC2: NE555
  • IC3: 78L05
  • D1: 1N4007
  • Led1: 5mm Red LED
  • Q1: Bel 187
  • Q2: BC558
  • Q3: BC547
  • IFR: TV Sensor


  • Relay: 12V- 1C/O
  • IC Base 1: 16 Pin
  • IC Base 2: 8 Pin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Applications of IR Remote Control:

  • Can switch ON different loads like fans, lights, motor etc.
  • Useful for elder and mobility impaired people to switch ON appliances.
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