Listening Bug / Room Sound Monitor

01 March 2016 User Review

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DIY Electronic Projects always provide us a way to new skills and ideas. Listening Bug, spy gadget is an exciting eavesdrop DIY project used to hear conversations from other room. One of the prime requirement of a spy is to use a listening device to hear conversations. Listening Bug kit is a good DIY project as a listening spy gadget. It is handy to use and all spy experts can use this. As a funny experiment, electronics hobbyist and DIY project lovers can try the kit.

Working of Listening Bug:

The DIY project can be placed inside the other room and just by extending the wire of earphone to your room, eavesdrop is possible. Major components involved in the bug kit include the microphone, resistors and capacitors, transistors, power supply, wires, earphone and a PCB board. The microphone plays a major role in this DIY project. The microphone present picks the sound wave. Conversion of the sound wave to an electrical signal is the major function of the microphone. The resultant signal from the microphone is amplified using the amplifier circuit present in the kit. Amplified signal is then reproduced as a sound wave through earphone or speaker. Gain of the amplifier circuit can be changed by varying the feedback using the preset.

Listening bug or room light monitor

The bug project uses a low cost hardware. Better functionality, low power consumption and reliability are the basic advantages of this spy gadget. Due its simplicity, the bug project can be used as monitor audio or sound monitor. The bug allows to hear even the slightest whispering sound wave, if the microphone and earphone used is efficient. As the bug project is small in appearance, it will work efficiently as a monitor audio. While assembling the components to the PCB board, try to make it compact, to achieve the advantage of small size. While soldering the components of the spy gadget, take enough time to incorporate a professional look for the bug project.


  • Used as a spy gadget.
  • Listening Bug electronics project is good as a sound wave detector.

Listening Bug is a simple electronics project useful as a sound monitor or monitor audio spy gadget.

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