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MEPUNO COMM is a powerful development board from MEPITS which is used to evaluate and demonstrate the capabilities of Atmega 328P microcontrollers. The board is basically designed for communication applications.Separate slots are provided for interfacing RTC, TSOP, Servo motor, PIR and analog/digital sensors. Also, MEP_commUNO supports I2C, USART serial communication, wireless modules, GPS and GSM modules.


  • Microcontroller ATMEGA328 P

  • Crystal for microcontroller : 16 MHZ

  • USB type B connector

  • On Board Power LED Indicator

  • 5volt, 12 volt regulated circuit

  • Two separate regulated 5volt power supply

  • On Board On/Off switch

  • On Board DC jack for powering up using adaptors

  • On Board Reset Switch

  • On Board TX/RX indication LEDs

  • On board FTDI Driver for adruino

  • Berg headers for external interfacing

  • Supports I2C /GSM /GPS/RF/USART serial communication

  • Separate berg headers available for PIR, Servo motor, RTC/I2C, GPS_TTL, and USART-TTL

  • Four 3pin PBT Connectors

  • Four SPDT 12V Relays

  • On board DB9 connectors for GPS, GSM and USART communication

  • Berg slot for 16x4 LCD connections

  • On board TRIM-POT for LCD

  • On board RTC IC: IN1307 with crystal 32768 MHZ crystal and CR2302 battery


  • Communication purposes


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SUJITH MATHEW   Kochi,Kerala

RTC DS1307 AND 32.768 KHz CRYSTAL??

Reply  Report Abuse   26 July,2016 09:07
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