UTC1240A Electronic Dual-Tone Ringer

19 November 2016 User Review

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The UTC1240A are monolithic integrated circuits designed to replace the mechanical bell in telephone sets in connection with an electro-acoustical converter. Both devices can drive directly a piezoceramic converter (buzzer). The output of UTC1240A needs a decoupling capacitor. No current limitation is provided on the output stage of UTC1240A,so a minimum load DC of 50 ohms is adviced. The two tone frequencies generated are switched by an internal oscillator in a fast sequence and made audible across an output amplifier in the loudspeaker,both tone frequencies and the switching frequency can be externally adjusted. The signal and the circuit is designed so that noise on the lin or variations of the ringing signal cannot affect correct operation of the device.


  • Calling voltage(f=50Hz) continuous : 120 Vrms

  • Calling voltage(f=50Hz) 5s ON/10s OFF : 200 Vrms

  • Supply Current : 30 mA

  • Operating Temperature : -20~+70 °C

  • Storage Temperature : -65~+150 °C

  • Thermal resistance junction-ambient : 200 °C /W


  • Used to replace mechanical bell in telephone



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