PFM DC 0.9V - 5V USB Boost Step-up Power Supply Converter

09 February 2017 User Review

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DC to DC Converter Step Up 1.5 Volt to 5 Volt  With an input voltage of 0.9V to 5V DC, the module gives a stable 5V DC output through its USB socket. Using two AA batteries  an output current of 500 to 600mA, and a single AA battery gives output current about 200mA. The conversion efficiency is upto 96%.

The module comprises of two capacitors (C1-C2),one resistor (R1), one inductor (L1), one rectifier diode (D2), one LED (D1), and an IC (U1). All of these components are in SMD form, except the USB ‘A’ female socket


Input voltage: 0.9 - 5V DC
Output voltage: 5V DC
PCB size: 34mm x 16.2mm

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