Analog Temperature Controller 72x72 Model: BTC-07

09 February 2017 User Review

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Temperature controllers offer an extremely cost effective analogue solution for simple on/off or proportional control. It compares the actual temperature to the desired control temperature, or set point, and provides an output to the control element. The controller is a part of the entire control system, and the whole system should be analyzed in selecting the proper controller. The following items should be considered when selecting a controller.


  • Supply : 85-260V AC, 50Hz

  • Range & Type : 0-400C (J Type)

  • Sensor Input :  Fe/K (J Type)

  • Output  : 1C/O, 10Amp.

  • Temp. Control Setting By dial knob on front of controller

  • Control Proportional or ON/OFF

  • Size :  48x48x100mm

  • Panel cut : 46x46


  • Plastic Processing

  • Packaging

  • Ovens

  • Water Bath

  • Furnance

  • Heatsealing, etc


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