Analog Temperature Controller 72x72 Model: BTC-07

09 February 2017 User Review

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To accurately control process temperature without extensive operator involvement, the temperature control system relies upon the controller, which accepts a temperature sensor such as a thermocouple or RTD as input. It compares the actual temperature to the desired control temperature, or set point, and provides an output to the control element. The controller is one part of the entire control system, and the whole system should be analyzed in selecting the proper controller. The following items should be considered when selecting a controller

Supply 85-260V AC, 50Hz
Range & Type 0-400C (J Type)
Sensor Input Fe/K (J Type)
Output 1C/O, 10Amp.
Temp. Control Setting By dial knob on front of controller
Control Proportional or ON/OFF
Size 48x48x100mm
Panel cut 46x46

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