100A MultiCopter Power Distribution Board 16 ESC Connection Board

10 February 2017 User Review

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The PDB provides power to multicopter. This can also provide power to various accessories like HD cameras or LED lights that are connected to the drone.It has  possitive terminals which are all connected and also it has negative terminals which are all connected. The whole board as a conductor does not produce magnetic effect and it has less influence to sensor.


  • Special for MultiCopter battery connection

  • Up to 16 ESC/Motor can be connect to the Board

  • 100A maxium input

  • Weight : 6.7 gram

  • Size : 55mm*55mm


  • Building security

  • Border patrol

  • Prison surveillance

  • Monitoring and Surveillance of large crowds at protests and gatherings

  • Road traffic monitoring and accident surveillance

  • Police and private investigations



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