MQ Gas Sensor

10 February 2017 User Review

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The gas sensor simply plugs into this Gas Sensor Board, making it easy to use the sensor in an embedded project. The board can be connected to a microcontroller system, allowing the sensor to be controlled and monitored automatically. The board is compatible with these sensors: MQ3 MQ2 MQ4 MQ5 MQ7 MQ9 MQ6 MQ8 MQ135. The Gas Sensor Board is intended to provide a means of comparing gas sources and being able to set an alarm limit when the source becomes excessive.


  • Logic voltage: Dependent on the gas sensor used

  • Load Resistor Recomendations: The resistive load should be calibrated for your particular application using the equations in the datasheet


  • Can be used in arduino

  • Can be used in chemical industries


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