MAX7219 Dot led matrix Module MCU control LED Display modules for Arduino

14 February 2017 User Review

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It is the arrangement of LEDs in matrix form to dispaly time, temperature, news updates etc. LEDs can be arranged in the matrix form by two ways. Either row is anode and column is cathode or viceversa. LED layer is fixed to the botttom of the segments. When power is on, LEDs will glow.



The above given figure indicates the structure of 8X8 LED Dotmatrix.


  • A single module can drive an 8 * 8 common cathode lattice

  • Module Operating voltage: 5V.

  • Module size: 5 cm long X 3.2 cm wide X 1.5 cm high

  • Led colour:Red

  • Wiring instructions:

  • The module left as an input port to the output port on the right.

  • The control of a single module, simply input port to the CPU

  • Multiple modules cascade input termination CPU, 2 output termination module, a module of the input of the input terminal, the output terminal of the first two modules of the first three modules, and so on ...


It is a display device used to display information on many devices like machines, clocks, railway departure indicators etc.




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