50~100 DC12V W1209 Digital Thermostat Thermometer Temperature Control

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W1209 Digital thermostat thermometer is a high quality temprature controller with mini size. It can measure a temprature in the range of -50~+110 Degree Centigrade. It has a large and clear LED diplay fr providing better readability. It provides multiple functions such as heating and cooling control, temprature calibration fuction and delay protection function.


Input Voltage: DC 12V
Control Range: -50~110 Degree Centigrade
Resolution: -9.9~99.9 Degree C: 0.1 Degree C
Else Range: 1 Degree C
Control Accuracy: 0.1 Degree C
Temperature Accuracy: 0.2%FS
Refresh Rate: 0.5s
Measurement Input: NTC(B3950=10K 0.5%)waterproof sensor (Cable Length: 1 meter)
Output: Output Switch, Max. 10A
Environment Requirement: -30~60 Degree C
Humidity: 20%~85%

Parameter Setting (P0~P8):
-P0 : Cooling / Heating mode
-P1 :  Backlash Setting
-P2 : Highest Range Setting
-P3 : Lowest Range Setting
-P4 : Temperature Calibration
-P5 : Delay Start Time
-P6 : High Temperature Alarm 
-P7 : Data Lock Switch 
-P8 : Restore Factory Settings


  • Domestic freezer

  • Water tank

  • Refrigerator

  • Industrial chiller

  • Boiler


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