Dot matrix (4 segment)

28 March 2017 User Review

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A dot matrix is a two dimensional array of dots( dot refers to the circular lenses infront of LEDs) used to represent characters, symbols and messages. It is a display device used to display information on many devices like machines, clocks, railway departure indicators etc. LED dot matrix consists of  an array of LEDs  which are connected such that the anode of each LED are connected together in the same column and the cathode of each LED are connected together in the same row or vice versa. LED dot matrix display can also come with multiple LEDs of varying colors behind each dot in the matrix like red, green, blue etc. By using this dot matrix display we can reduce the number of pins required for controlling all the LEDs.


  • Voltage : 5V
  • Dot size 3.00mm, circle dot

  • Column: 8 Row: 8 

  • Low current operation

  • High contrast and light output

  • Compatible with ASCII and EBCDIC code

  • Easy mounting on P.C.Boards or Sockets

  • Standard: Gary surface and White dot 


  • Instrument panels 

  • Digital read out display


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