Smart Shopping Trolley (Main/Mini Project)

19 May 2017 User Review

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A shopping trolley is a basic tool for shopping in supermarkets since it helps the customer to take the required products and move around easily. The long waiting time for check out process is very common in most of the supermarkets. This always leads to customer dissatisfaction because no customer wish to stand in long queues for getting their items billed. Apart from that, the customer will have to keep track of the cost of items added to the cart in order to check whether the purchase is within budget or not. In this project, we have developed an efficient shopping trolley with automated billing and visual updates of the items in the cart on a display within the trolley itself. Since the customers are likely to change their minds, this system allows changing any added product from the cart without any external help. When the customer finishes the shopping, at the press of a button the bill of the purchased items will be sent to the payment counter and the mobile phone of the user via Bluetooth. The system is created using an RFID reader and two IR scanners and is battery powered.

Follow this link to see the demonstration:


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Gemarie Viloria  

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Gemarie Viloria  

I just want to ask what is included in this product

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