PIC16F628A Microcontroller IC

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The PIC16F627A/628A/648A are 18-pin Flash-based members of the versatile PIC16F627A/628A/648A family of low-cost, high-performance, CMOS, fullystatic, 8-bit microcontrollers. All PIC® microcontrollers employ an advanced RISC architecture. The PIC16F627A/628A/648A have enhanced core features, an eight-level deep stack, and multiple internal and external interrupt sources. The separate instruction and data buses of the Harvard architecture allow a 14-bit wide instruction word with the separate 8-bit wide data. The two-stage instruction pipeline allows all instructions to execute in a singlecycle, except for program branches (which require two cycles). A total of 35 instructions (reduced instruction set) are available, complemented by a large register set.PIC16F627A/628A/648A microcontrollers typically achieve a 2:1 code compression and a 4:1 speed improvement over other 8-bit microcontrollers in their class. PIC16F627A/628A/648A devices have integrated features to reduce external components, thus reducing system cost, enhancing


  • Maximum CPU Frequency: 20 MHz
  • Architecture: 8 bit 
  • Program Memory (Flash): 3.5 kb
  • RAM: 224 byte
  • Internal Oscillator: 4 MHz
  • ADC: No
  • No. of Pins: 18
  • Voltage: 2V - 5.5V


  •  Internal and external oscillator options:

               - Precision internal 4 MHz oscillator factory calibrated to ±1%

               - Low-power internal 48 kHz oscillator

               - External Oscillator support for crystals and resonators

  •  Power-saving Sleep mode
  •  Programmable weak pull-ups on PORTB 
  • Multiplexed Master Clear/Input-pin
  •  Watchdog Timer with independent oscillator for reliable operation
  •  Low-voltage programming
  •  In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (via two pins)
  •  Programmable code protection
  •  Brown-out Reset
  •  Power-on Reset
  •  Power-up Timer and Oscillator Start-up Timer
  •  Wide operating voltage range (2.0-5.5V)
  •  Industrial and extended temperature range
  •  High-Endurance Flash/EEPROM cell:

                 - 100,000 write Flash endurance

                 - 1,000,000 write EEPROM endurance

                 - 40 year data retention


  • Standby Current: - 100 nA @ 2.0V, typical
  •  Operating Current: - 12 μA @ 32 kHz, 2.0V, typical - 120 μA @ 1 MHz, 2.0V, typical
  •  Watchdog Timer Current: - 1 μA @ 2.0V, typical
  • Timer1 Oscillator Current: - 1.2 μA @ 32 kHz, 2.0V, typical
  • Dual-speed Internal Oscillator: - Run-time selectable between 4 MHz and 48 kHz - 4 μs wake-up from Sleep, 3.0V, typical


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