PIC16F688 Microcontroller IC

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The PIC16F688 has a 13-bit program counter capable of addressing a 4K x 14 program memory space. Only the first 4K x 14 (0000h-01FFF) for the PIC16F688 is physically implemented. Accessing a location above these boundaries will cause a wraparound within the first 4K x 14 space. The Reset vector is at 0000h and the interrupt vector is at 0004h. The data memory is partitioned into multiple banks, which contain the General Purpose Registers (GPR) and the Special Function Registers (SFR). Bits RP0 and RP1 are bank select bits.Each bank extends up to 7Fh (128 bytes). The lower locations of each bank are reserved for the Special Function Registers. Above the Special Function Registers are the General Purpose Registers, implemented as static RAM. All implemented banks contain Special Function Registers. Some frequently used Special Function Registers from one bank are mirrored in another bank for code reduction and quicker access.


  • Maximum CPU Frequency: 20 MHz
  • Architecture: 8 bit 
  • Program Memory (Flash): 7 kB
  • RAM: 256 byte
  • Internal Oscillator: 8 MHz, 32 KHz
  • ADC: 1 (8 channels)
  • No. of Pins: 14
  • Voltage: 2V - 5.5V


  • Precision Internal Oscillator:

              - Factory calibrated to ±1%

              - Software selectable frequency range of 8 MHz to 125 kHz

              - Software tunable

              - Two-Speed Start-Up mode

              - Crystal fail detect for critical applications

              - Clock mode switching during operation for power savings

  •  Power-Saving Sleep mode
  •  Wide operating voltage range (2.0V-5.5V)
  •  Industrial and Extended temperature range
  •  Power-on Reset (POR)
  •  Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST)
  •  Brown-out Reset (BOR) with software control option
  •  Multiplexed Master Clear with weak pull-up or input only pin
  •  Programmable code protection
  •  High-Endurance Flash/EEPROM cell:

                - 100,000 write Flash endurance

                - 1,000,000 write EEPROM endurance

                - Flash/Data EEPROM retention: > 40 years


  •  Standby Current:

              - 50 nA @ 2.0V, typical

  •  Operating Current:

              - 11 μA @ 32 kHz, 2.0V, typical

              - 220 μA @ 4 MHz, 2.0V, typical

  • Watchdog Timer Current:

              - 1 μA @ 2.0V, typical

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