MEGA328P Atmel Microcontroller IC

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The ATmega48A/PA/88A/PA/168A/PA/328/P provides the following features: 4K/8Kbytes of In-System Programmable Flash with Read-While-Write capabilities, 256/512/512/1Kbytes EEPROM, 512/1K/1K/2Kbytes SRAM, 23 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working registers, three flexible Timer/Counters with compare modes, internal and external interrupts, a serial programmable USART, a byte-oriented 2-wire Serial Interface, an SPI serial port, a 6-channel 10-bit ADC (8 channels in TQFP and QFN/MLF packages), a programmable Watchdog Timer with internal Oscillator, and five software selectable power saving modes. The Idle mode stops the CPU while allowing the SRAM, Timer/Counters, USART, 2-wire Serial Interface, SPI port, and interrupt system to continue functioning. The Power-down mode saves the register contents but freezes the Oscillator, disabling all other chip functions until the next interrupt or hardware reset. In Power-save mode, the asynchronous timer continues to run, allowing the user to maintain a timer base while the rest of the device is sleeping. The ADC Noise Reduction mode stops the CPU and all I/O modules except asynchronous timer and ADC, to minimize switching noise during ADC conversions. In Standby mode, the crystal/resonator Oscillator is running while the rest of the device is sleeping. This allows very fast start-up combined with low power consumption. 


  •  High Performance, Low Power Atmel®AVR® 8-Bit Microcontroller Family
  • Advanced RISC Architecture
  • High Endurance Non-volatile Memory Segments
  • Peripheral Features includes Two 8-bit Timer/Counters with Separate Prescaler and Compare Mode,One 16-bit Timer/Counter with Separate Prescaler, Compare Mode, and Capture Mode,Real Time Counter with Separate Oscillator,8-channel 10-bit ADC ,Programmable Serial USART,Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface
  • Operating Voltage: 1.8 - 5.5V


  • Flash (Kbytes): 32 Kbytes
  • Pin Count: 32
  • Max. Operating Freq. (MHz): 20 MHz
  • CPU: 8-bit AVR
  • Max I/O Pins: 23
  • Ext Interrupts: 24
  • SPI: 2
  • UART: 1
  • ADC channels: 8
  • SRAM (Kbytes): 2
  • EEPROM (Bytes): 1024
  • Operating Voltage (Vcc): 1.8 to 5.5
  • Package: PDIP 28P3 28
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