LM2409 Monolithic Triple 9.5ns CRT Driver IC

01 January 1970 User Review

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The LM2409 is an integrated high voltage CRT driver circuit designed for use in color monitor applications. The IC contains three high input impedance, wide band amplifiers which directly drive the RGB cathodes of a CRT. Each channel has its gain internally set to −14 and can drive CRT capacitive loads as well as resistive loads present in other applications, limited only by the package’s power dissipation. The IC is packaged in an industry standard 11-lead TO-220 molded plastic power package. 


  • Monolithic Triple 9.5 ns CRT Driver
  • Dissipates approximately 50% less power than LM2406
  • Well matched with LM1279 video preamp
  • 0V to 5V input range
  • Stable with 0 pF–20 pF capacitive loads and inductive peaking networks
  • Convenient TO-220 staggered lead package style
  • Standard LM240X Family Pinout which is designed for easy PCB layout


  • 1024 x 768 Displays up to 70 Hz Refresh
  • Pixel clock frequencies up to 75 MHz
  • Monitors using video blanking
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