AVR Programmer

15 January 2014 User Review

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AVR is an 8 bit single chip RISC microcontroller of Atmel, which belong to the category of first devices used on chip flash memory.

This powerful board can be used for programming AVR/8051 microcontrollers using USB. No external power supply is required for this board. Here the board loads the program into the target microcontroller with the help of loader program inside the board. As a universal programmer it supports all programming functions such as:

  • Erasing the device
  • Programming the device
  • Verifying the device, and
  • Programming all the device H/W options, also including the security bits


  • Able to Program all AVR microcontrollers
  • Programmer directly power the target
  • Status can be monitored through status LEDs
  • Supporting platforms like Mac OS X, Linux and Windows
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