PIC Development Board

15 January 2014 User Review

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This reasonable development board is suitable to program microchip’s PIC series. Zip socket is provided in the board to fix the chip properly. 8 LED arrays and 4 seven segment display helps in easy monitoring of output. On board power supply options are 5V and 12V. This PIC board is also packed with a lot of features such as matrix keyboard.

PIC Development Board Features:

  • Easy to place and remove PIC in 40 Pin ZIP socket
  • Seven Segment Display (4) and LED array (8)
  • RS 232 port available
  • EEPROM 24Cxx I2C
  • RTC
  • 4X4 Matrix KeyPad
  • LCD Break Out Pins
  • Stepper/Relay Interface
  • Pot for ADC
  • 4 Input Keys
  • On Board 5/12 V
  • Working Sample Code
  • Easy to program PIC Development Board
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