TNY176PN Off-line Switcher IC

01 January 1970 User Review

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TinySwitch-LT  Vincorporates a 650 V power MOSFET, oscillator,high voltage switched current source, current limit (user selectable) and thermal shutdown circuitry. The IC family uses an ON/OFF control scheme and offers a design
flexible solution with a low system cost and extended power capability.



  • Energy Efficient, Offline Switcher with Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range
  • 650 V rating optimized for non-active PFC applications
  • Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed
  • Pin-out simplifies heat sinking to the PCB
  • SOURCE pins are electrically quiet for low EMI


  • Drain Voltage: -0.3 to 650V
  • Drain Peak Current: 720mA
  • ENABLE Voltage: -0.3 to 9V
  • ENABLE Current: 100mA
  • ON State Resistance (max): 16Ω
  • Package: DIP-8C


  • Chargers/adapters for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, digital
    cameras, MP3/portable audio, shavers, etc.
  • DVD/PVR and other low power set top decoders.
  • Supplies for appliances, industrial systems, metering, etc.
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