Artificial Retina Using Thin-Film Transistors Driven By Wireless Power Supply

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Artificial retina is developed for the sight handicapped people, so that they can recover their sight. It was developed with the help of external photo device (cameras) that worked as a sight stimulus for the brain through the electrodes. The device was used as a substitute to the retinal cells of the eye. They were formulated using large scale third dimension integration, so that a person can receive the exact image of an object that is infront of them. 

Working of an Artificial Retina

The artificial retinas work with the help of thin film transistors and capacitors. This device is implanted near the retinal blind spot, so that the deteriorated photo receipting can be replaced, with this advanced device. This device is implanted inside the human eye in two ways which are:

Artificial Retina

  • Epiretinal Implant

When the artificial retina is implanted using Epiretinal Implant then, the implanted retina is placed at the inner surface of the blind spot that connects optic nerve with the retina. The benefit of this implant is that, it works very well for those persons who are suffering from retinal diseases and even works beyond the affected retina.  The processing units of these artificial retinas are composed with TFT’s and retina matrix molecules.

                 •	Epiretinal Implant          Epiretinal Implant

  • Subretinal Implant

This is just the opposite of Epiretinal implant, where the retina is placed at the outer surface. It is a one of a kind implant because here, the implanted retina has to work just like the normal retina by depending upon the process conceived middle and the inner eye. This device holds 1000s of light sensitive micro photodiodes, which start functioning through the stimulation protruded by the electrode. In order to activate these retinas, all you have to do is look at a light reflecting object and the retina will start doing its job.

Subretinal Implant

Importance of TFTs for Artificial Retina:

The normal artificial retina that are created using TFT’s get its fabrication from silicon oxides, so that the retina can have a protective cover to fight against the moisture from the environment that surrounds it. The common parts of the artificial retinas are photo transistors, load resistance and mirror. The mirror and load resistance is used to support the operation of TFT’s, and the photo transistor works in providing an efficient image of the things that are being seen.

Artificial Retina

Wireless Power Supply Induced With Coupling:

The artificial retina is perfected using a wireless supply from the inductive coupling. There are just two main units needed for the wire supply which are power system and power transmitter. The units are made bio-compatible, so that they can be placed inside human eye. After that, the supply system should be implanted. When the retina is implanted inside the eyeballs then the power generator is not stable during that period, the reason behind that is probably the fabrication, presence of parasite or the noise that is caused during the implantation. Hence, while operating the retina the surgeon should ensure that the retina can be placed under unstable power supply or not.

Wireless Power Supply Induced With Coupling      

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