How to make LED Wrist Band ? DIY LED Project

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Let us start doing some beautiful projects with LEDs. Make LED wrist band and study the basics of Light Emitting Diodes. This DIY LED Project is very interesting for students to get started with electronics. Wearing this trendy LED wrist band will make you noticeable in the crowd. We are able to complete this DIY project with readily available low cost components.

How to make LED wrist band? Simple steps with full components list is explained here in this article. Working Video of the project is also included in this article. If you are a beginner to electronics then it is perfect to start with this LED project. It is very cool wearing an LED Chaser Band.

Electronic Components Required for LED wrist band:


  • 560 Ω Resistor (1)
  • Miniature Potentiometer 10K (1)



  • 3mm LED (10)
  • CD4017 IC (1)
  • 555 Timer IC (1)


  • CR2025 Button Cell (1)
  • Button Cell Holder (1)
  • Bread Board (1)
  • Wrist Band (1)
  • Soldering Iron and accessories





Steps to make LED Wrist Band:

Step 1: Collect all the components listed above and test it.

Step 2: Take Bread Board and fix all the components in it to test the circuit.

Step 3: Finish all the connections according to the circuit diagram.

Step 4: Verify the circuit working and troubleshoot if you find anything wrong in LED chaser effect.

Step 5: If the circuit is working properly import the entire circuit into the wrist band.

Circuit Diagram:

LED Wrist Band

PCB and Component Layout:

          LED wrist band PCB   LED wrist band component layout

Working of the wrist band:

Heart of the project is CD4017 decade counter, driving 10 LEDs. A 555 timer is a commonly used IC for many DIY LED Projects. It is used in this circuit to generate square wave signal as the input clock to the decade counter. Square wave is available through the output pin 3 of the timer. Output from 555 timer is given as input to CD4017 through 14th Pin. LEDs are connected to the 10 output pins of the CD4017 counter. It activates each LEDs sequentially according to the clock from the timer. Frequency of the clock signal can be varied with 10K pot VR1 present in the circuit. So different speed LED chasing effect can be created in this DIY led project. 

LED wrist band DIY LED Project will produce very beautiful LED chaser effect. It is really interesting project for students and electronics hobbyists. Try this Do it Yourself LED Project with low cost electronics components. Wear a trendy LED Band in your hand made by yourself. This band will be super cool in your wrist.