The touch-screen technology has given us scope to connect with any kind of electronic devices with very less effort. But with more innovations we are now able to control the required gestures by just moving our finger on the air. This has been possible with the help of various kinds of electronic wearables like smartglasses, smartwatches and fitness tracker which are used to perform some of the important tasks. A new achievement has crept into the list of these smart wearables. It is a ring for your finger. It is the gesture control ring. This gesture ring is worn on the fore-finger of your hand. There are various types of sensor circuits attached in the ring which follows your finger command and controls other electronic applications. So you can control the function of all the connected electronic devices, by simply creating a gesture with your finger. Practically, the ring is an input device like a mouse, a keypad or a touch screen.

Features of the gesture control ring

This new technology gadget has four main features which help it to function.

  • Firstly, the gesture control ring sends command to the other connected devices.
  • Secondly, a desired gesture is patterned by drawing on the screen of the smartphone which is then accepted by the ring.
  • Thirdly, the user of the ring touches a sensor which is attached at the side of the ring in order to activate it.
  • Lastly, the ring user needs to create gestures on the air for the ring to execute command.

The gesture control ring uses Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) connectivity to send command to connected devices. Bluetooth is considered as the low energy connectivity and so the battery of the ring stays for a longer time. Also, one-time charging helps to make at least 1000 gestures which are enough for basic number of gesture controls per day. But this number will be low for a person using gestures for frequent texting.

Architecture of the gesture control ring   

The gesture ring has the following components packed inside it:

  • An accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • E-compass
  • Temperature sensor


Hence it is actually a sensor controller. With various sensor equipments being induced inside, it acts according to them. This ring comes with twelve different sizes. Besides, it is a waterproof ring and one can wash dishes and clothes and can also go for swimming by carrying this ring on the finger.

Security system of the ring

The gesture control ring is considered to be highly secured device because of the following two factors:

  • Proximity: The ring functions only when it is within the Bluetooth range from the connected electronic devices. The Bluetooth range is about 30 feet. So any device which is within this range of the ring will accept its command. This is one of the criteria which should be kept in mind for using it. This criterion also secures the entire system.
  • Uniqueness in gesture: The ring follows those gestures which have been previously assigned in it. Hence any form of gesture would not command the ring to follow. One must always remember to induce the gestures inside the ring to use them in the future. This unique gesture criterion also secures the ring and its corresponding electronic devices from any kind of foreign interference.

Applications of the gesture control ring

The only thing you need to do is to connect any electronic device with your ring for them to work on your finger tip.


  • The most popular application of this ring is when it is connected to your iPhone or any Android set. You can very easily make gestures with your hand and fingers to start or stop phone’s music player while jogging or morning work-out.
  • The ring can be connected to any smartphones and tablets and control them.
  • Now small touchpad and screens will not create any kind of hassel while working on smartphones or tablets. The huge air space in front of you will act as a giant touch surface.
  • The ring can be connected to the smart TVs. This will help change channels or adjusting sound and picture by simply creating gestures with your fingers and hand. No need of using the old fashioned remote controls. The ring itself acts as a remote control.
  • Text messaging is very tiresome and painful. For text messaging one has to continually press the fingers on the keypad or touchpad of the phones. The gesture ring makes this activity easy and painless. Using this ring one only makes gestures on the air above the screen without making any physical contact, so the control is so simple. 
  • As the ring is an input device, it can be used to jump from one app to another by just swiping your finger above it.
  • This input device helps to write on PDF pages and control the slides for power-point presentation.
  • If you have other smart appliances at home, then you can connect them to the ring which will help you to control them from a substantial distance.
  • Few GoPro camera and sport products like helmets and water sports items are launched which can be easily controlled with the help of the gesture control ring. Think about the ease of driving bikes and adjusting your helmets without even touching it with your hand.
  • The gesture control ring has LEDs and vibration in order to configure alerts and notification in it.
  • Electronic payments can also be done with the help of this ring.

Review of the gesture ring

This ring is definitely not a small and light device which you can easily carry for a long time on your finger. This is a big drawback of this amazing ring. It is constructed with various circuits and sensor elements which makes it very heavy. Despite of this fact, the gesture control ring is a great device which maintains complete security of your smartphones, tablets and other informative devices. This is a must have new technology gadget of the future.