Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone Black - which is the Right Platform for DIY projects?

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A microprocessor is considered as the heart of the computer. Its primary function is to control the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the computer. A microprocessor receives the digital data of the system as input, then process it according to the instructions incorporated in its memory and finally generates the result as output. Previously the CPUs in computers were designed with small and medium scaled integrated circuits(IC). But nowadays various microprocessors are induced in the CPU for it to function.

First microprocessor     Microprocessor

     Fig:First microprocessor (invented by Chuck Peddle)                                 Fig:Intel Microprocessor

However, with advancement in the field of technology we are now presented with a single microprocessor which alone serves the purpose of a CPU. Microprocessors are not only implemented in computers but also in various small and large appliances, car accessories, mobiles, DVD players etc. Amongst the huge range of varieties in microprocessor it really becomes difficult to choose the right one for the right system. But the revolution in microprocessor was first induced by Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black. In this article we shall have a clear view of the features and pros and cons of both of these microprocessors.

An Introduction to Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi as we know brought a revolution in the world of digital components. This device was rather formulated considering the low level efficiency in the new generation who want to complete their task with less effort. When we talk about low-cost, high efficiency platform then Raspberry Pi is the best option.

Raspberry Pi

If you want to know more about Raspberry Pi, go through these topics,

An Introduction to BeagleBone Black:

BeagleBone-xM was a newcomer in the digital market which created a great impact on the creative developers. The efficiency level of this device was incomparable in every respect. But the major drawback of this device was its price tag which was immensely high compared to other microprocessors. So the developers announced a smaller version of BeagleBone-xM by the name of BeagleBone whose price was also not commensurating. Then a new version of the BeagleBone was introduced in the BeagleBoard family. It was the BeagleBone Black, which is a true example of efficiency and cost effectiveness.    

Beagle Bone Black

It’s really hard to choose the right platform for the device you want to construct. Hence to simplify the search we need to go through the detailed comparison between Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black.

Comparison between Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black:

Raspberrry Pi Vs Beagle Bone Black

1. Comparison in respect to installation process:

Installation of Raspberry Pi: Installation procedure of Raspberry Pi is little complicated because of few drawbacks in it. Firstly, it does not come with an inbuilt microUSB cable for connecting the computer to the power supply. Secondly, the Raspberry Pi board does not have an operating system in it. To install an operating system in the board, you need to purchase an SD card and then download the OS in it. So after opening the package, the board is not ready to use. If you would like to install Android on Raspberry Pi, It is so easy that you can imagine. For that just go through this link - “How to Install Android on Raspberry Pi?” 

This link will give you a set of useful information for your project developments.

Installation of BeagleBone Black: But installation process of BeagleBone Black is quite easier because there is pre-installed miniUSB cable to connect it to any power supply. Hence it is a ready to use device. You can directly install it into your computers without difficulty immediately after you receive it. 

So in terms of installation procedure, BeagleBone Black serves the best purpose.

2. Comparison in respect to processor:

Processor being the most important factor for setting up a digital board decides how quick your system is going to work. Raspberry Pi has a 700 MHz processor with an older ARMv6 set of instruction and BeagleBone Black has 1 GHz processor with an advance ARMv7 set of instruction.

Hence BeagleBone Black is a winner with more efficient and advanced processing unit.

3. Comparison in respect to connectivity:

BeagleBone Black consists of 46 pin headers with almost 92 possible connecting points. While Raspberry Pi has 26 pin header, which can create only 11 connecting points with the interfaces.

So the BeagleBone Black head forward in this respect too.

4. Comparison in respect to Graphical Representation:

The built-in graphic support in Raspberry Pi is integrated at such a level that it easily supports 1080p video streams. On the other hand the built-in graphic support of BeagleBone Black is not enough to support 1080p.

Hence Raspberry Pi is more efficient in this respect.

5. Comparison in respect to Audio Connections:

Raspberry Pi is incorporated with 3.5 mm audio jack along with the microHDMI for audio output. But BeagleBone Black has only the microHDMI for audio output. No jack is pre-installed in it.

Hence Raspberry Pi gets an upper hand in this respect.

6. Comparison in respect to Power Consumption:

In respect to power consumption Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black occupy the same platform.

7. Comparison in respect to price tag:

When we compare both the boards in term of price tag then both are almost same. Though we know that the Raspberry Pi is cheaper than BeagleBone Black yet the extra fittings like an SD card, a microUSB cable, a HDMI cable and a keyboard is required to purchase with an extra cost in order to install the Raspberry Pi board on your computers. But in BeagleBone Black you do not require any extra fittings with extra cost for installation.

Comparison- Summary Chart:

Let us finally enumerate the complete specifications of the two digital boards and thereby help you compare accordingly.

Comparison chart_Pi and Beagle bone


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