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Raspberry Pi is a small size computer which provides remarkable performance when integrated in any system you want to develop. Being a mini computer its main aim is to efficiently deliver task required for the system to perform. Here is the simple steps to install XBMC on raspberry pi. It is the platform on which any device is set-up. We have huge numbers of working platform in the market. But in some cases if you get good performance, you have to pay more and vice-versa. Pi is such a platform which provides you high level performance at a price less than $40. Let us look how to install XBMC on Raspberry Pi. Before that for the basics of Pi check here and to know How to Install Android on Raspberry Pi 

On the other hand XBMC is open-source media player software which was developed by XBMC Foundation. XBMC is now known as Kodi Entertainment Center. It can be considered as a multiplatform media player which gives immense performance in Home Theatre PCs. It is extensively compatible as its skin variety can change its appearance and its innumerable plug-in options permits the users to go online via youtube, spotify etc. This exclusive software was first launched by the name of Xbox Media Centre which had the original Xbox game. It was then named XBMC because it can be used in all operating systems like, Linux, Android, iOS, BSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Nowadays it is referred to as Kodi.

Now we need to configure Raspberry Pi platform with XBMC software to get a low-cost entertainment device. With the help of appropriate softwares and accessories Raspberry Pi can form a remarkable platform for XBMC (Kodi) entertainment centre.

How to install xbmc on pi

Raspberry Pi B+ to install XBMC


How to install XBMC on Raspberry Pi ?

The main intention of this article is to provide vivid knowledge in the installation procedure of XBMC on Raspberry Pi to establish a high performing TV set with low cost. Here is the steps for "how to install xbmc on raspberry pi"

Step1: Components required to set-up the program before installing xbmc

1. Raspberry Pi board model B+

The Raspberry Pi B+ model is the most suitable platform for setting up XBMC because it has the ability to decode1080p H.264 high definition video. This is one of the exclusive features of Pi which you may not get in some other platform. Also for light weight skin, the XBMC user interface is highly responsive. To install XBMC, purchase RPi B+ at low cost from here. The B+ version of Pi is the latest which has the following features:

-It has four USB ports

-It uses the same amount of memory and similar system as that of the other models.

-Audio effect is better

-Uses only 1W which points to low energy consumption

-Uses MicroSD instead of SD

 2. Flirc Raspberry Pi B+ case

Flirc Raspberry Pi B+ case is the most suitable case for Raspberry Pi after installing xbmc on. It has an aluminum body which gives it a stunning look and a heatsink is built-in which helps while over-clocking the system.

3. At least 8GB microSD memory card

An 8GB microSD card has to be inserted in the platform. Now the choice of SD card is from your end. Only thing you should keep in mind is that the microSD cards has wear leveling technology which means writing and reading throughout the card instead of working on a selected spot. SanDisk Extreme Pro 8GB microSD memory card is the most suitable one.

4. A microUSB power adapter

Instead of using the cheap power adapter which comes along with the Raspberry platform bundles, purchasing a good quality power adapter will help a lot. Good quality power adapter would not create any kind of operating problem later.

5. Incase your TV is incompatible with HDMI CEC then add Flirc USB IR receiver in your list.

A remote control is required to control the Raspberry Pi platform. If a HDMI CEC can be used in your TV then always opt for it because it has good control over Pi. To control XBMC you can connect your TV remote to it with the help of HDMI cable wire. Otherwise, one should go for Flirc USB IR receiver because it is cost efficient and one of the best working solution.

There is another option which you can use to control the Raspberry Platform. It is through your mobile apps. You can construct an app in your mobile phone or tablet and connect it to your TV for complete accesses over Pi.

Raspberry pi remote

Step2: Setting up of Pi platform to install XBMC

Setting up the RPi platform for your TV is a very easy method. You need to follow the following steps in order to construct it.

-Take the RPi case and insert the Raspberry board in its heatsink.

-Take the case cover and screw-it up.

-Insert the MicroSD card and operating system in their respective slots.

-Insert HDMI and Ethernet cable in right places.

-Plug-in the adapter, keyboard and various other controllers.

Step3: Selecting the right OS to install xbmc on raspberry pi

There are three options for selecting the good performer OS which are always used in XBMC on raspberry pi entertainment centre. They are OpenELEC, Raspbmc an Xbian. Based on their output performance a summary has been formulated for every OS.





Booting up

39.7 sec

38.8 sec

61.1 sec

Importing movies

121 sec

82 sec


Opening library

1.8 sec

1.7 sec


YouTube search

29 sec

22 sec

48 sec


From the above result, it is clearly visible that Xbian is a slow operating system while OpenELEC and Raspbmc provide better service. But Raspbmc will be considered the best because of its easy installation procedure. So choose the best OS to install xbmc. 

Step4: Installation of the OS

Installation of any OS will become easier if the process is performed via NOOBS (New Out of the Box Software). The processes involve:

-Buy a microSD card preinstalled with NOOBS or download NOOBS in a microSD card.

-Install the preferred OS with NOOBS.

-Now boot-up the RPi whose screen will ask to select the right OS.

-After confirming the OS allow to overwrite the entire data on the microSD card.

-Let the OS install.

-After installation, restart the system and select the installed OS for it to get launched.

Users, who are with the system for a long time and are aware of the technology, can install Raspbmc without using NOOBS.

How to install XBMC on Pi

XBMC installed

Step5: Improvising the performance of the system

Following few optimization steps one can easily increase the performance of the system. Let us overview them:

-Overclock the RPi for greater impact.

-Choose an optimal SD memory card which supports RPi.

-Change the XBMC interface resolution to 720p which will save memory but will produce video at full resolution of 1080p.

-Disabling thumbnail extraction will increase CPU performance

-To improve the responsiveness of the system, always use lightweight skin.

-Using audio pass-through can also reduce the CPU usage.

-To get a smoother video playback you should adjust the display refresh rate.

-Set-up a WiFi adapter in the system which will provide greater performance than Ethernet connection.

-Purchase codec licenses from RPi foundation and install MPEG-2 and VC1 video files in your system.

-To visit the premium content channels in your system, you can easily install them.

Step6: Converting the Raspberry Pi into a music player

Our primary aim was to convert the RPi into a music player after installing xbmc. For this HiFiBerry DAC+, which optimizes the sound quality to 192 KHz/24bit, and Volumio music player, which changes XBMC based OS to start playing the music, are the most recommended. You can easily control them through your mobile or tablet apps. How to install xbmc on pi ? is a question in many tech minds. So this article how to install xbmc on raspberry is a great choice for pi lovers.