Let us recall the days when we had wired phones which allowed us to have only verbal conversation with our loved ones. Then further with the introduction of wireless technology we were gifted with mobile phones. Theses mobile phones could be carried anywhere we wanted and they initiated sending text messages along with verbal communication. They were equipped with a keypad which has buttons for writing text and entering numbers. However with more advancement in technology, now we have touch operated mobile phones which do not have any key buttons. Instead with the touch of our finger we can encrypt any information in the phones. These are categorized as the smartphones because of the smart technology induced in them.

Similarly, computers also came up with varieties due to advancement in technologies which were simultaneously incorporated in them. From the era when computers were actually TV size device and had to be fixed at a place for operation, we have emerged into a new era where computers are available at a size slightly larger than the smartphones. These computers are called tablets and they can be operated by creating simple touch effect. Though every new day is arriving with some new invention in the field of technology, yet we cannot simply throw our old devices in the trash bin and replace them with the new ones. Recycling of the old devices would be the best option to get rid of the high installation cost of new devices. Infact we know that “Old is Gold”.

Hence by simply incorporating new technologies into our old computers, we can easily convert them to new devices. In financial terms, changing an old mobile phone with a new one is quite viable than changing an old computer with a new device. So let us rather convert the old computers or laptops into new ones. The latest technology which is available in all tablets is its touchscreen facility. So converting the screen of the old computers into touch technology would simply make them new.

                               windows touch screen

The new Windows 8 operating system launched in the month of October of 2013 enabled touchscreen technology in the laptops. It allowed user to swipe, touch and slide on the screen with the fingers. But to serve the purpose one has to buy a touch enabled PC in which windows 8 had to be incorporated. This procedure is time consuming and cost effective. Thereby, a new product is launched which has the capability to convert the screen of your old computers into touchscreen. Only thing you need to do is upgrade the operating system of the old computer to windows 8 and then purchase a Touch Pen which will provide touch facility on the screens of the old devices. There are Touch8 Pens and Targus Touch Pen in the market which one can purchase and use on the windows8 enabled old computers.

                                   Touch Pen technology

Touch Pen Technology:

The Touch Pen consists of a receiver attached at one end which is applied on the screen of the computer. The ultrasonic and infrared rays identify the sense of touch when the pen is mounted on the screen of the computer. The pen releases infrared beams from its tip where the receiver transfers the signal to the computer screen for detecting the correct location. As you push the pen in the downward direction, it creates a completely different ultrasonic signal which is similar to the sense of touch generated by the fingers on a touchscreen. The stylus or the pen consists of a battery which works for about 500 hours after which it needs to be replaced with a new one. The Touch pen is enabled with the technology which detects the available boundaries of the touchscreen. The Touch8 touch pen accommodates almost 17 inches display. Hence these touch pens are suitable for using in notebooks or computer with a small monitor. The touch pen could be magnetically attached on the side of the notebook or screen of the computer. In case of a notebook, the touch pen is required to be removed before closing and recalibrated before work.

                                           Targus Touch Pen

                                                                                  Fig: Targus Touch Pen

Touch Pen Craze:

Though we are surrounded with various devices which are mainly touchscreen technology oriented, yet the craze for Touch Pen is considerably high. Microsoft 8 took the initiative to launch this product as it is used to create tablet effect on any computer or laptop. Also the older computers can work on the touchscreen technology. Touch Pen provides exclusive performance by swiping and creating single-touch gestures. Even the touch pen does not use a software or driver to operate.

                                         Fnger or pen?

                                                                            Fig: Finger or Pen

Is it really worth buying a Touch Pen:

  • The cost of purchasing a Touch Pen almost exceeds $100. Beside one have to replace battery after it drains out completely. This further increases the cost of the device. Instead of buying a Touch Pen one can easily purchase a new machine which is equipped with new technologies at a price lesser than the pen.
  • This touch pen can only be used on the machines with small monitor. So larger screen computer owners cannot use it.
  • The multitouch facility which is present already on touchscreen device cannot be experienced with the help of a touch pen.
  • Recalibrating the touch pen on the screen of a notebook each time it is opened creates real discomfort.
  • For using this technology, the laptop needs to be placed on a desk or a table. Carrying it anywhere is not possible.
  • Only a person who is desperate for Windows8 and touchscreen technology can opt for this pen.


The touch pen is presently available in North America. It will be available throughout the world within few months as Targus a retailer, is taking up the responsibility for marketing the product. Targus have exclusive license for selling this product in United States. But APEN will sell the item in Japan. Using a mouse and a keyboard with the windows 8 operating system is quite comfortable. But using the touch facility on windows 8 makes it most comfortable.

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