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LED Project, Touch LED DIY Project is a simple and attractive Project for students. This DIY LED Project will cherish your heart. The major sections used in this LED Project- Touch LED are the Remote control section, Display section and a simple power supply unit. Five touch sensitive switches are present in the remote control section, which is connected to its corresponding LEDs in the display section. When we touch in any one of the touch sensitive switch using a metal pointer, the corresponding LED will be turned ON. This is a simple DIY Project for electronics hobbyist or for a beginner. This LED Project will increase your confidence levels for making more projects in electronics...

Block Diagram of LED Project, Touch LED DIY Project:

                                Touch LED block Diagram

Remote Control Section: In the remote control section of LED Project – Touch LED, there are five touch sensitive switches are located.

Display Section: In the display section, five LEDs are placed and all of these LEDs are connected with the corresponding touch sensitive switches using wires.

Power Supply: The working power for the whole circuit is drawn from this battery.

Working Principle of LED Project, Touch LED DIY Project:

There are two sections are in this DIY Project – the Remote control section and the Display section. Five switches are there in the remote control section, they are touch sensitive switches. When we touch any one of the switches with a metal pointer, the corresponding LED in the display section will be turned ON. A battery is used for giving power to the whole circuit.

Circuit Diagram of LED Project, Touch LED DIY Project:

The circuit diagram of Touch LED Project is given below. The PCB Layout and Component Layout are also provided.

                                LED project,Touch LED

                                                 Touch LED

                                                           Touch LED

Electronic Components required:

  • RMC, 6pin  : 1 No.
  • Battery holder , CR 2025 : 1 No.
  • Resistor, 100ohm  : 1 No.
  • Resistor, 1k : 1 No
  • LED , 3mm RED : 1No.
  • Transistor, BC557 : 1No.

May be this LED Project - Touch LED DIY Project will become a milestone in your electronics project field.  Also this simple DIY project will help you to understand about the basics of electronics and working methods of switches etc.

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