In the modern world of technology, computer has become the basic necessity and not only an important rather putting it other way it’s now as equal rather more  than human can do so more and more into this tech era we are replacing human effort with computer technology. Talking about the communication technology these days, it is increasing rapidly. Talking about all of the generations of the computers, from the old workstations to the mainstreams and further other forms of computers, scientists and engineers have been trying to make it more and more compact.

Systems are reducing from PC to Laptops and these days I pads or tablets have also replaced laptops to certain extent. This is the point where Pen computers come into spotlight. They are the type of computers in the shape of different pens each has a function of its own and when you combine them together, it can even give you the usage of a wholly full – blown computer.

One can say that, 5 pen PC technology is a type of a computer which is broken or dismantled into pieces, each in the size of a small pen. And adding to it, its keyboard and screen are projected onto surfaces. The 5 pen PC technology can make it possible for you to get a clear digital copy of your handwritten information.

5 pen PC technology

About the 5 pen PC technology:

Perhaps this is called technology which we have in the form of 5 pen PC technology which is a very recent and new discovery in the field of pen computing. Pen computing is a field in which you can substitute the usage of laptops or cellphones with the technological pens. Perhaps this way the life has become too easy and computing has been the way as it was never before, ever since these trends have come in the technology of generation next also known as 5 pen PC technology is now here, let’s see how it works.

                               5 pen PC technology

This 5 pen PC technology is known as a Pen style personal networking gadget, was firstly designed by Tour Ichihash and was created by a Japanese company NEC and the Corporation displayed a conceptual $30,000 prototype of P-ISM.

You must be wondering the way it functions. The 5 pen PC technology doesn’t require any thing much or beyond but just an internet connection. This is connected with a wireless technology, and the whole set up is connected to the internet through the cellular function.

Now we will talk about the detailed functions of the "Five pens"- in 5 pen PC technology:

        5 pen PC technology

  • CPU Pen – It does the functionality of the CPU and is also known as computing engine. It uses the dual Core processor and it works with windows operating system.
  • Communication Pen – It acts as a Cell phone, pointer, ear- piece, communication using Bluetooth and uses Wi-Fi Technology for the exchange of information. Pretty much everything that you do in your day to day life!
  • Visual Output / Display – Acts as a Monitor which is LED Projector with the size of A4. Its Resolution capacity is 1024x768 approximately and it gives more clarity in the picture. The display quality is vibrant and definitely one of the best.
  • Virtual Keyboard – It is a projected keyboard with 3 D IR sensors. The VKB settings can be changed by Sound as well and it has the adjustable sensitivity of the virtual Keyboard. It is fun operating on this keyboard as this is something you have never tried.
  • Camera – There existed the digital cameras in the shape of pen before, but now we have a different pen camera with lots of other functions as well. It is beneficial in video recording, video conferencing and you can even call it as your Web cam. It can also be connected with other devices through Bluetooth. One of the main advantage of the 5 pen PC is that is very small end portable. It is a 360-Degree Visual Communication Device. They have the terminals which enables showing of the surrounding atmosphere and peer to peer or group-to-group communication with a central super wide-angle camera and a round display.
  • Talking about the battery, though the size is extremely small but to our surprise they work for considerably longer time. They come with the battery life of around 6 + and normally can be used for 2 weeks.

   5 pen PC technology5 pen PC technology

Like every technology this 5 pen PC technology also has certain advantages and disadvantages of itself.

Let us now talk about the Merits and Demerits of the 5 pen PC technology –

Merits of 5 Pen PCTechnology:

  • It is Very feasible that means it is easily executable and workable
  • It is Portable that means can be carried easily
  • Can be present easily anywhere and everywhere
  • It supports the Wi-Fi technology and you can get any information or communication by spinning the world with this device
  • It produces both the monitor as well as the keyboard and can be projected on any flat surfaces from where you can easily carry out the functions.

Demerits of 5 Pen PC Technology:

  • It is expensive as compared to other gadgets like individual cameras or cell phones
  • Battery life cannot be varied much and at present cannot be elongated more, it is around 6 + but I think it is sufficient.
  • The Keyboard concept is not new as of now. Projected keyboards already exist.
  • It is tough to do the right positioning of this product.

We can conclude that these days the communication devices are becoming more compact and smaller and this is just the start of this new technology. Personally speaking I am much influenced with this 5 pen PC technology technology and waiting to get one for myself. I know I have to make a lot of savings for this one. Seriously speaking it is mostly useful for the travelers, corporate personnel and of course researchers and scientists. I am sure that the five pen PC technology will have a great impact on the computer field hence we can expect many more such developments to occur in the future.